About us

SAVIO is a non-governmental organization supporting children and youth in need mostly in developing countries and regions. It supports social and human activities on national and international level. SAVIO works for the human and social development of poor, marginalized children and adolescents of the world. Projects follow the don Bosco educational method which aims at the development of the person as a whole. It is active in Slovakia to raise awareness and educate people on development, human rights and peace issues. SAVIO proposes to awaken public opinion to the values of international solidarity and cooperation for development and to contribute to the forming of a collective conscience. Moreover, it acts to develop the skills, attitudes and values in people so they can work together for change: for more sustainable and better world. It is working with local Salesian Congregation which is present in almost every developing country. SAVIO is a member of  NGDO Platform.

  • President: Peter Jacko, SDB
  • Board: Slavomíra Brigantová, Juraj Kajan, Pavol Karaba, Anna Kosnáčová
  • Honorary members: Jozef Daniel Pravda, SDB (Chad), Alena Takáčová (Solomon Islands)


  • Director: Ján Rešutík
  • Projects manager: Klára Holá
  • Asistents: Juraj Janto, Mária Sísová, Miroslav Takáč